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Unpacking Services in Bangalore

Unpacking is as important as packing and loading. Bangalore packers and movers offers quality unpacking services. Safe unpacking is a great way to ensure that goods remain damage-free. Any task of unpacking done in haste by untrained hands can damage the goods. We offer unpacking solutions to the households, offices, shops, and industries.

Our unpacking services are best to hire during post shifting and post-transportation. We also extend services to the custom house agents and warehouses. A team of trained professionals unpack the goods in a systematic way. The team also arranges the goods to the desired places in the new premises.

Our Unpacking Solutions and Services

Unpacking a large volume of cargo or inventory can be a tough task. You need a professional help to carry out such a huge job. We are providing a variety of unpacking solutions as below.

• Unpack and unwrap the items
• Replacing goods to the appropriate place
• Disposing of the remains of the packing materials
• Cleaning the area

During unpacking, our team carefully identifies any damage occurred to the goods. Any damaged and leaked item is reported to the supervisor and the client. This helps in identifying damaged goods and takes necessary measures. Be it home or office shifting, we are able to unpack all the small and big items with equal care.

Work Process to Unpack

A prominent packing and moving company in Bangalore follows a pre-set standard procedure. As a result, we achieve organized and careful unpacking. Here is how we give way to a careful and safe unpacking.

1. Keep Inventory Checklist

Our dedicated supervisor will keep the inventory list handy to ensure accuracy. This results in accurate positioning of all your belongings. The items are checked and inventory is matched as the team unpacks it.

2. Trained Workforce

The in-house team of packers with us are trained in professional unpacking. This ensures complete safety of your goods from breakage and spillage during the process.

3. Prioritized Unpacking

Whether it is house relocation or a commercial cargo, we prioritize important items. As for house relocation, we unpack the furniture on the first priority. This allows you to take rest after a hectic relocation or travelling. At the same time, kitchen items are also arranged first as per your desire. Rest follow as instructed by you.

4. Assembling Fixed Units and Furniture

All the furniture and fixed units are assembled and fixed on top priority by our team. The furniture is positioned as per the instructions.

5. Organizing Smaller Items

Our team helps in repositioning each and every small item in the drawers and cabinets. The fragile items are segmented at first and unpacked with extra care.

Once all the major items are unpacked and placed, we focus on the remaining articles. All the remaining items are collected and the clutters are cleaned. All the mess of the packing materials is cleared from the area.

At the end of the process, our customers get a neat and organised place just ready to use. Bangalore packers and movers has standardized unpacking services in Bangalore and other cities. Call us for systematic and affordable unpacking during relocation, warehousing, and re-packing.


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